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At Vivid, we know that what you want most from your cleaning and property service, is not to have to think about us at all. That’s why we are constantly innovating to create seamless management systems that ensure you get the highest quality service from our professional and motivated staff. Everyone we assign to your business whether they are cleaners, gardeners or security guards will have been recruited and trained specifically for your site. You’ll have access to cutting edge technology and a helpful management staff that are on call 24/7. Go ahead, call us any time day or night on (02) 9485 0300 to discover the Vivid difference for yourself.


Our innovations are what makes VIVID different from any other property service company.


Our values and culture is represented through our people and is driven by our world class training and induction programs.


We are continually looking for efficiencies and ways that improve our business to serve your business and we believe strongly in technology


Quality these days is very subjective which is our quality management framework is independently certified to ISO 9001:2008


What we do



This is one of those services we find our clients just want to set and forget, which is why we offer a full range of cleaning services, from office cleaning to industrial and retail cleaning, providing not just the routine cleaning but also specialist solutions such as: pressure cleaning, cleaning at heights, carpet cleaning, strip & seal as well as forensic and cleaning in highly secure facilities.

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Window cleaning


Hand in hand with cleaning services, we offer a full range of washroom and hygiene services (including feminine hygiene), from sanitary and nappy waste solutions to the latest in innovations in soap dispensing, air fresheners and hand drying.

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Staff Procurement


With the provision of long and short term staff, we are focused on identifying your requirements and then recruiting and training the right people to suit your needs and the needs of your business. By using our staff procurement services, you also have access to resources that we use to manage our own team of national personnel.

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Facility Services


Whilst we are focused on our core key areas, our technology, our people and our system of management means that we are able to provide services for the convenience of using one contractor in any of the other soft services, from Fire Protection and HVAC servicing to Grounds Maintenance, plumbing and electrical. We have our pre-selected strategic partners to collaborate with us to ensure that the service level we offer is met consistently.

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Waste Management

At Vivid, we take a holistic look at services that relate to keeping your facility not only clean and tidy but also running efficiently in synergy with you and your team, providing you with more time. Our waste management service is a total solution including the weighing and separation of waste, using our CleanTrak technology as well as full commercial waste disposal.

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Pest Control

Our solution to pest control is comprehensive and both proactive as well as ‘management’ focused, with services that range from routine and ad-hoc treatments for: common pests, rodents, birds and termites to specialised treatments.

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