24 / 7 Customer Support Centre Service to address any issue in relation to the provision of our services within one hour and our national Customer Support Centre has access to the entire operational network to remediate any service request or requirement regardless of size, complexity or geographical location.

Operations Managers are supported by a skilled Customer Support Centre and advanced technology, they are free to focus on ensuring quality outcomes through continual site audits and direct face-to-face client communication. All communication regarding your requirements ad-hoc work orders, emergency, periodical or specialist services will be seamlessly handled via the 24 / 7 Customer Support Centre, whose role is to keep you and your Operations Manager informed and involved without impacting service quality and delivery 24 / 7.

Our quality service delivery model, the Vivid Customer Support Centre uses state-of-the-art workflow software to log, track and resolve every work order or issue to its completion 24 / 7.

Contact the Customer Support Centre using our FREE 1 -300 GET VIVID 24 / 7:

  • Submit ad-hoc cleaning requests and work orders
  • Arrange special or periodical services not included in the contract
  • Tell us about emergencies or changes to the building environment
  • Lodge concerns
  • Order supplies

Every request is handled by the Customer Support Centre, automatically uploaded into the VMS for contract reporting and analysis, giving a seamless window into the status of your contract at any time.

Customer Support Centre staff can also send urgent service requests and reminders to individual cleaners via their CleanTrak mobile RFID reader. Our Customer Support Centre teams are relentless in their pursuit of excellence when it comes to timely follow-up and closed-loop reporting.


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