Vivid Indigenous Services offers both entry-level and career progression from cleaning staff to supervisors, administration and management roles in urban, regional and remote locations with future potential for business ownership through franchising.

The Vivid Indigenous Services employment strategy is based on our unique Hi-VIS Pathway:

  • Recruitment
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Employment and Placement
  • Certification and Management Education
  • Franchise Opportunity

Training and Employment
Vivid Indigenous Services has established a Training Academy with mentors for pre-employment and conducts specialised cleaning and business training programs.

The Vivid Indigenous Services Academy is located at the NSW Aboriginal Land Council building in Parramatta.   At this site our trainees have access to experienced and trusted mentors who will are responsible for training and development, including important life skills and guidance support.

Sourcing Employees and Selection
Vivid Indigenous Services only engages trusted and local Indigenous-owned employment agencies with a full suite of recruitment services tailored to meet our clients’ needs and demands.

Candidates will undergo a thorough screening process that verifies their industry skills and experience, qualifications, willingness to travel, as well as their passions and aspirations – ensuring the candidates are the best fit for our business.

Post-Employment Mentoring and Retention
The successful candidate will be provided with a suite of post-placement services to ensure smooth transition into their new relationship with Vivid Indigenous Services and long-term retention.

The candidates will be supported through a structured mentoring and personal assistance program with ongoing support upon commencement of employment and regular mentoring in the first 12 months. Aboriginal role models are the mentors providing support and supervision in both our training and employment programs.

Succession Planning
The Vivid Indigenous Services management team meet regularly to identify:

  • Positions available
  • Potential Candidate Pool
  • Career Progression and Franchisee Opportunities
  • Internal and External Candidates

We use our social media platforms including our Website, Facebook,  and Linked to promote the ascendancy of our staff members.