CleanTrak is a ‘Time and Attendance’ tracking, monitoring and reporting system for remote and in-field workers for efficient management and real time reporting. It records the time and attendance of cleaners and service personal, resulting in data consolidation and reporting to a cloud based management system (VMS) for manipulation, monitoring and corrective action.

How does it Work?

  1. Using a specifically designed, industrially hardened handheld RFID reader, the in-field cleaner or service person scans RFID attached to the wall using electro-magnetic field (EMF) technology and finger biometrics that identify the person scanning to commence the works.
  2. This event automatically triggers in ‘real time’ a recorded signal to our in-cloud server linked to Vivid’s own proprietary software CRM and Management Systems (VMS).
  3. The cleaner or service person then carries out the assigned duties, and actions any messages received from the Vivid Helpdesk team, a dedicated team of staff focused on providing the highest quality of service through action and communication.
  4. Once the cleaner has performed all the duties, they confirm that all tasks were actioned and attended to, as well as the completion of the scope works and scans out reversing the process in the first step.
  5. Once the works have been completed and the cleaner/ service person has scanned off a report is then generated through VMS and sits in the portal waiting to be accessed by a Vivid Account Manager and the customer.